About Us

Mega Apparel was established in October 2015.

The clients have been showing great interest in this facility and include several big-box U.S retailers, as well as top-name importers.

The plant and machinery is based on the machine to man ratio of 1:1.8 in conformity with the international standards. These are State Of The Art machines primarily of Japanese and other reputed makes with special computerized system for preparing and grading patterns, creating markers. The Factory also has a comprehensive laundry & Embroidery section with a multi-head, multi-colour Embroidery M/C.

  1. Machines

    Mega Apparel Machines – Cutting & Sewing, Fusing, Arm-Hole Fusing, Embroidery, Dry process, Washing, Finishing – Legers and Toppers, Packing, etc.

  2. Product Range

    Sports and Casual Shirts - the plant also has the capabilities to produce the Arm hole fused and Dress Shirts,Dress pants.

  3. Capacity

    Production Annual –
    Shirts - 1.40Million Units
    Dress Pants – 1.20Million Units
    Laundry - In house laundry is capable of doing all conventional washes Silicon, Enzyme, regular washes, up to 12,000 pieces per day

  4. Clients

    The clients showing great interest in this facility include several big-box U.S retailers, as well as top-name importers.

Mega Garment factory area is in excess of 100,000 square feet, Phase II is under development. The plant and machinery is based on the machine to man ratio of 1:1.8 in conformity with the international standards.

Country Advantages

Mega Apparel Industries (EPZ) Ltd, Mombasa, is located amidst the sylvan & salubrious surroundings in the Export Processing Zone Area of the Port Town of Mombasa in Kenya, which offers Duty-free exports to the continent of United States.

Mombasa town is Kenya’s second largest city and chief port situated on a coral line island in a bay of the Indian Ocean. It has all the infrastructure of a modern city & is linked to the capital, Nairobi, by road & rail. Population: approximately 700,000.

The town of Mombasa is a major seaport of East Africa and is Kenya’s oldest and second largest metropolis. It has been a trading post & is of economic importance to Kenya.

Mega Apparel, Mombasa (a brief):

This modern, state of the art infrastructure Factory complex includes the Administrative Block, Factory facilities, Laundry facilities, Warehouse, Workers’ accommodation, Recreational facilities etc.

Human Rights issues are important to us and form an integral part of our CSR. The attention to details has been paid in the construction of the whole complex, keeping in mind the ergonomics, safety needs & hygiene of our workers. All in all the ‘HAPPY WORK FORCE INITIATIVES” are at the core of our policies and day to day operations. Our workforce is trained by the world renowned Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA).


Social Compliance is the single biggest component which distinguishes one manufacturer from another and strongly influences the buyer’s order placement decision.

Beginning from the desk of our Chairman (of our holding company), our garment factories are committed to abiding by all local laws as well as health and safety requirements.

Our facilities are marked into Compliance and 5S zones with a zone in charge in each zone to assist the compliance teams to escalate, maintain and assist to address any issues pertaining to the health and safety issues if any, through a 12 member social and technical comptent team who regularly conducts random audits through checklists, thereby allowing them to ensure compliance and prevent any violations in terms of HSE.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Fire Exits, Fire Drills
  • Overtime and payroll records
  • Adherence to all local laws on holidays and fair employment opportunities
  • First Aid
  • Chemical Storage
  • Machinery Service and Protective Equipment
  • Housekeeping and Hygiene in the floor and toilets and canteens
  • Ensuring a conducive Middle Management attitude exists and proper language is used towards fellow operators
  • Proper labeling of all doors, flooring (arrows)
  • No loose electric cables

We go through 2 annual audits for the majority of our clients, and we are in good-standing from an ethical, social and technical compliance point of view for many U.S and European top retailers and brands. Compliance certificates can be furnished.

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