The management at Mega Apparel gives back to the community as a whole by providing training and skills on basic garment operations (cutting and sewing).

We believe that for the industry to thrive as a whole within Africa, we need to play a role by ensuring there is a good pool of soft talent i.e. skilled operators available in the community and in the nation.

Our long-term management strategy is human resources and we have set forth an HR strategy as one of the pillars for promoting activities with a focus on two key challenges:

  1. Enhancing “gemba” (business frontline) management that encourages challenge-oriented efforts of employees while practicing the fundamental Principles in day-to-day operations (identify problem, understand the problem and solve the problem)
  2. Providing a training skill-set and enhancement program for all members of the community (irrespective of whether they are an associate of Mega Apparel or not) and promoting diversity to spur innovations.

We offer language training programs for the expats as well, so as to strengthen communications capability in Kiswahili and allowing the local work force and expats to better understand different cultures and values.

Employees can develop practical skills or abilities on what they learn in off-the-job training sessions only when they put the acquired knowledge into practice. As such, an emphasis is placed on linking off-the-job training with practical on-the-job training.

We firmly believe via the above practices we help create better job prospects for the community, and implement management that acknowledges and praises those who are willing to take on new challenges.

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